Worm Gold® Extract

Worm Gold® extract is a bi-product made from the high quality worm castings we produce.

Microbe counts in Worm Gold® extract are between 100-130 million colony forming units per millilitre of liquid.  Extensive testing of our extract is done through Soilfoodweb & Environmental Analysis Laboratory in Lismore NSW.  On farm testing is also conducted using our microscope & microBIOMETER.  Recently we had our worm vermicast DNA tested. Results produced over 17,000 different OTU Bacteria species. Also 355 different OTU Fungi species.

Worm Gold® extract can be used as a seed dressing, to produce microbe tea, injected into the seed bed at sowing or in foliar applications. It is filtered at 200 mesh (74 micron) to accommodate all applications.

Worm Gold® extract has been shown to:
  • Stimulate and improve plant growth
  • Increase nutrient uptake to plants through the foliar and root systems
  • Reduce water loss and improve water holding capability
  • Strengthen plant immunity
  • Increase crop stress resistance
  • Increase yields
  • Improve soil structure


Worm Gold® extract can be used as:
  • A seed dressing
  • Liquid injection at sowing
  • A foliar spray
    • during the plant growing stage
    • at budding and flowering
    • during fruiting


Worm Gold® extract can be used in conjunction with Koonik Parks SeaGrow® for a holistic approach to plant health.

20L $100 ex GST, ex farm

IBC 1000L $2000 ex GST, ex farm


All Prices below include GST and postage within Australia

Recommended application rates

  • Seed dressing – 1 to 5 litres per tonne of seed
  • Liquid injected at sowing – 5 litres per hectare
  • Foliar application – 1 to 5 litres per hectare 2-3 times from the 2 to 3 leaf stage up until flowering
  • During fruiting – 1 to 5 litres per hectare


Dilute with water to at least 10:1 for foliar applications