Shop Fishing Worms – African Night Crawlers

Koonik Park Worms supplies African Night Crawlers in various weights, ranging from 500 grams up to 1kg. No matter if you’re fishing for the afternoon, the day, or the week, we’ve got you covered.

Our African Night Crawler can grow to be 30cm in length, and being a tropical worm, can handle the heat much better than any other worm breed. Given the Australian climate, this makes the African Night Crawler worm a much better alternative to European Night Crawlers.

Check below to see our selection of fishing worms for sale. Don’t forget, Koonik Park Worms always harvests and delivers on the same day, ensuring the worms arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition. Our state of the art facility also means we’re able to supply night crawlers all year round.

If you require a larger amount of worms, please contact us. We always have plenty of worms for sale to fill just about any order size!