Our Story

Koonik Park Worms is based on a farm near Goroke in Victoria.

Anthony has over 25 years of knowledge in farming African Night Crawlers. Starting with compost worms in 1995 to process the manure from the piggery, Anthony soon saw a need to produce high quality fishing worms and purchased some African Night Crawlers. Fishermen were after a worm they could easily see when going to put it on the hook. These worms can grow to the length of a 30 cm ruler and, also being a tropical worm, can handle the heat better than many other worms.

In 2015, Koonik Park Worms setup a new breeding shed. The breeding shed is state of the art using the latest technology available; a fully automated climatic controlled system for optimum breeding that is controlled & monitored through an iPhone.

We deal direct to fishermen and wholesalers. Our worms are harvested the day they are dispatched to ensure the customer receives them in prime condition. Express post is used for all deliveries, apart from local orders.

We sell our worms in quantities ranging from 500 grams through to 1kg. Commercial scales are used in determining the weight and we can also give an estimate for the number of worms to a weight.

Our pricing is very competitive, and we won’t be beaten on price in Victoria for African Night Crawlers. Unfortunately, we do not send worms to NT or WA due to quarantine restrictions.

Anthony also has first-hand knowledge in worm extract & worm tea. We are producing the highest quality worm extract liquid available from Koonik Park Worms’ worm castings.

In 2020 we started to develop SeaGrow a seaweed extract using the highest quality seaweed available. Through research, testing and trials we have developed an exceptional seaweed extract that contains macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, essential bacteria and fungi for plant health and development. We work with quality inputs to produce a premium end product for the consumer. We value quality over quantity.