On farm at Koonik Park we produce a concentrated seaweed extract using Ascophyllum nodosum sourced from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Ascophyllum nodosum naturally contains macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants.

A two stage cold fermentation process that utilises enzymes, sugars, bacteria and microbes to extract the nutrients by degrading the solid seaweed product. The finished product is filtered through a 120 mesh screen.

20L $120 ex GST,  ex farm

IBC 1000L  $2400 ex GST, ex farm

SeaGrow®has been shown to increase:
  • Root development
  • Nutrient uptake
  • Plant growth
  • Plant health
  • Extra tolerance in plants during stressful conditions
  • Fruit quality and yield
SeawGrow®can be used as:
  • A seed dressing
  • Liquid injection at sowing
  • A foliar spray
    • during the plant growing stage
    • at budding and flowering
    • during fruiting

SeaGrow®can be used in conjunction with our Worm Gold® extract for a holistic approach to plant health.


All Prices below include GST and postage within Australia

Recommended application rates

  • Seed dressing – 1 to 4 litres per tonne of seed
  • Liquid injected at sowing – 1 to 5 litres per hectare
  • Foliar application – 1 to 4 litres per hectare 2-3 times from the 2 to 3 leaf stage up until flowering
  • During fruiting – 1 to 4 litres per hectare                                                      D


Dilute with water to at least 20:1 for foliar applications